Golden Ocean

Caroline Camden Lewis.   Golden Ocean.  Acrylic and composition gold leaf on canvas.  12″ x 12.″  (2014).        $ 220–SOLD As the sun sets across the blue waters of the sea, light’s rays reflect upon the waves.  Nothing can surpass the beauty of this gold—a gold that cannot be worn, but only etched in […]


Caroline Camden Lewis.   Illumination.  Acrylic on wood panel.  6″ x 6.″ (2014).   $ 125–SOLD As monks sought to preserve and decorate sacred scripture texts, the beautiful art of illuminated manuscripts was born.  Using bring reds and golds, this piece pays homage to the sacred artistic legacy of medieval illuminated manuscripts and reminds us that […]


Caroline Camden Lewis.  Jade.   Acrylic on canvas.  12″ x 6.″ (2014).   $ 175–SOLD The green hues of jade permeate this piece as blues, golds and red-orange dance on the edges.  The jade stone is revered in Asian culture as a symbol of virtues such as wisdom and perfection.  A famous Chinese saying states, “Jade, […]

Shanxi Sunset

Caroline Camden Lewis.   Shanxi Sunset.  Acrylic on canvas.  8″ x 8.″ (2014).         $ 125–SOLD The Northern Chinese province, Shanxi is known for modern industry, ancient history, fascinating nature such as the Hukou waterfall.  In this piece, waves of the waterfall and a red sunset mingle with concentric circles as they muse […]

Grey Day

Caroline Camden Lewis.   Grey Day.  Acrylic on canvas.  18″ x 36.″  (2015).   $ 325 Peering through the window, Mist sliding down the pane, Waiting here with patience For sun’s shine again. But peeking through the clouds, Resplendent white, the sun, Shows his bright, warm rays, His day is not yet done. Grey days are […]

Red Flight

Caroline Camden Lewis.   Red Flight.  Watercolor on paper.  15″ x 19.″  (2013).      $ 425 (framed)–SOLD Against a background of red, black feathers of different black birds make their way across the horizon.  Each stroke variation represents different feathers of three black birds: the American crow, the common raven and the great-tailed grackle.  The […]

Cerulean Soul

Caroline Camden Lewis.   Cerulean Soul.  Acrylic on canvas panel.  16″ x 20.″ (2012).    $ 125 (framed) The rich colors of cerulean blue mingle with deep violet as wisps of black, white and grey scatter like clouds and fog.  At certain times, the soul feels as clear as a cerulean sky and as pensive as […]

Ocean Pier

Caroline Camden Lewis.  Ocean Pier.  Acrylic on canvas.  8″ x 10.″  (2014).     $ 175–SOLD This piece depicts, in browns and blues, a wooden pier swaying as the waves crash against it.

Ming Dynasty

Caroline Camden Lewis.  Ming Dynasty.  Acrylic on canvas.  8″ x 8.″ (2014). $ 125 China’s Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) saw cultural and political expansion, as well as a revival of the arts as it blended foreign elements with traditional Chinese artistic expression.  This painting is an homage this period’s great artistic legacy in blending the traditional […]

Rhapsody in Black and White

Caroline Camden Lewis.   Rhapsody in Black and White.  Acrylic on canvas.  12″ x 16.″  (2015).   $ 250–SOLD A black and white color study shows the unique simplicity of pairing opposites.

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