I Heart Birthdays!

Caroline Camden Lewis.  I Heart Birthdays!  Acrylic on canvas.  12″ x 36″ (1 ft x 3 ft).


What makes a birthday special?  Can we put cake and confetti and joy and love and happiness and fun all on one page?  Yes!  I Heart Birthdays! is an exuberant combination of coral and ocean–for an undersea experience is the most celebratory of all!

2 Comments on “I Heart Birthdays!

  1. Hi Caroline.

    Your artwork is beautiful! Congratulations on your website, which is quite impressive, and on mastering the art of becoming an internet entrepreneur.

    Hugs – Greg

  2. Thanks so much, Greg!
    So glad you were able to stop by the website and have a look 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your Ocean Cards! Thanks so much for your kindness and support 🙂
    Love, Caroline

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