Caroline Camden Lewis.  L’Chaim.  Acrylic on canvas. 48″ x 72″ (4ft x 6ft).  (2013).  SOLD to private collector

Taken from the Hebrew word for “to life,” L’Chaim paints the story of human experience: Rich in color, raw in texture, enigmatically fascinating, surprisingly humorous.  Appearing fractured, but at a second glance, found complete.  It paints an  epic journey through strokes of sorrow, brushwork of joy and colors of changing seasons.  Amdist fire, rain , drought, famine, plenty and abundance, L’Chaim dances through the symphony of life with emotion and movement blending into harmony.  To Life!


2 Comments on “L’Chaim

  1. This is beautiful, Caroline! Is everthing in the gallery a painting? are there fabrics made from paintings? How does it work?! Love seeing you!

  2. Thanks so much Marjorie! Everything in the gallery is a painting, but can be made into a fabric. The pillows in the shop https://www.carolinecamdenlewis.com/shop are a cotton/linen blend, that are prints of the original painting 🙂 Love seeing you too!

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