Floral Sky

Caroline Camden Lewis.  “Floral Sky.” Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas.  40 x 60 inches

SOLD-Commission by private collector.


Resting in the grass on a spring day, I look up at the sky and watch the clouds dance by. 

The birds fly about me,

the flowers share their fragrance

and all at once I’m brought to grace,

and rest again in love.


2 Comments on “Floral Sky

  1. Good morning, Caroline. What a great way to wake up to your poetry and paintings. I am not able to paint right now with Mom, so I am always glad when you and others are! It carries me along!
    Both the painting and the poetry are very sensitive. Don’t stop! I think you are on a roll!
    We loved seeing you at CP and hope for a longer visit some day. Do not come to San Antonio without calling us. Boyce comes tomorrow for the night……..and you always have a bed here as well. The kitchen can be yours!!!!!
    Love you and your contagious spirit. Beautiful!!!!! Sue

  2. Thanks so much Sue! I so appreciate your kind words about the art and poetry! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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