Mended Heart

Caroline Camden Lewis.  Mended Heart.  Acrylic on canvas.  36″ x 36.″                                       $ 2000–SOLD

Our pilgrimage through life is not easy: oceans of sorrow, winds of change, broken hearts.  Yet in the midst of this, there is a Mender of Hearts, One who sews and stitches everything back together again…who makes all things beautiful in His time…who makes all things new…who holds the universe together by the Word of His Power.  Who will ultimately make all things right.  May we have the faith to trust Him to mend our lives and our broken hearts.

God sent the Lord Jesus Christ to atone for our sins and mend our broken hearts.

“We love because He first loved us.”  1 John 4:19

(References: Ecclesiastes 3:11a, Hebrews 1:3b, Revelation 21:5b NKJV).

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