Caroline Camden Lewis.   Venezia.  Acrylic on canvas.  18″ x 18″ (9 squares of 6″ x 6″).  (2016)           $ 520–SOLD

“Venezia,” the Italian name for the city of Venice, has been an artistic inspiration for many of the world’s most beloved artists including Claude Monet, J.M.W. Turner and John Singer Sargent.

The iconic sunsets in which pink and orange hues dance upon the waters form the perfect backdrop to the artist’s palette.  The old buildings, charming gondolas and waving vines of flowers draping from window boxes as the wind whispers through them inspire an appreciation of an historical city, steeped in the beauty of artistic tradition.


This piece attempts to capture the unique lighting of the Venetian sunset, as the red and pink rays reflect upon the waters and the old stucco buildings.  It recalls the Venezia which many Italians call home, the Venezia which has forever etched itself in my heart and artistic imagination.

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