Let Me Reef-Think That

Caroline Camden Lewis. Let Me Reef-Think That.  Acrylic on canvas. 36 x 36 inches. (2018). $800. SOLD

Art is about perspective, and a new perspective requires re-thinking. Art requires new ways of seeing—can these two disparate colors coexist in harmony or will they fight with each other? Or will the fighting actually intensify them and make them stronger? Will this texture make things interesting or just distract from what the painting is trying to say? Maybe I should try a new brush, a new medium, a new technique?
As I began to re-think everything in the context of my work on the canvas, I also began to rethink everything in my own life—presuppositions, motivations and assumptions.
This painting is reminiscent of an ocean reef with coral and seaweed…yet re-imagined and re-thought. It exemplifies the moment on the artist’s journey when I said to myself, “Let me reef-think that!” I hope it challenges others to do the same. Who knows? A new perspective might just change everything.

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