About the Artist

Inspired by art in nature, Caroline Camden Lewis is a visual artist  seeking to capture the ephemeral and fleeting moments of beauty through abstract patterns and design.  Working mainly in acrylic and watercolor, she blends emotion with form…translating feelings into color, and impressions into pattern.  A graduate of Southern Methodist University, she has lived on both the East and West Coast working in non-profit, for profit, and communications sectors.   She now makes her home in Texas.


Artist Statement & Process

My art is a blend of abstract expressionism and impressionism.  It is both an expression of emotion (the way the ocean makes me feel) as well as an impression of the nature (the way the ocean appears).  I continue working with form and color until I reach the stage of completion (the way the ocean makes me see and how it causes me to see the world differently).  It is also a way of hearing.  We take in so much information, but all to often forget to listen to what that information is telling us.  My art is a way of listening.  Listening to myself, to the world around me, to God.

The more I return to the dust and the rhythms of nature, the more I find steadiness and comfort: a feeling of place and home.  For although things turn, seasons change, and the earth feels in utter despair, spring is always waiting underneath.  And I find new reasons to hope and to have faith in the One who plans the migrations of butterflies and turns the seas.  For He who wraps Himself in light as if it were a garment is the One who is also holding me…and I find, at last